Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fortune & its Failings

If I could see the future, and the secrets it does hol'
I could tell when I do meet my end,& when wedding bells would toll.
I could go in sports! Bet on all the right races!
I'd be known throughout the land, for trifectas and first places.
I'd know all the right designers & which shares the most would bring
I could tell which man would hold my wedding ring.

But once I saw the future, would it be the same?
Would my fate, once unveiled, take a different lane?

Perhaps I'll stick to the past, to change things for the better.
And leave to dear kismet. She'll make it if I let her.
I could stop 9/11, postpone poor MJ's death
I could save the children, who didn't look right and left.
I'd listen to great speeches, think of all the things I'd here
I'd love to travel far and wide,
Rather than stay here.

There's no time like the present, I believe that's really true
For I think the boy who holds my ring, is not a friend who's new