Should've, Would've, Could've for Year Ten

Hi and welcome to year ten!
For most of you, year ten will be somewhat of a wake up call. The 'Should've, Would've, Could've' moment. I should've paid attention in class and handed in my homework on time; I would've gotten organized in year seven if I knew this fresh hell was coming up; and I could've gotten a much better final mark if I had.
For me, tenth grade wasn't exactly a breeze, but it wasn't hell either. I completed it while juggling a musical, acting and writing career, holding an online festival and somewhat of a life. I came out the other end wondering what was so 'daunting' about it in January with brilliant marks. The only real down falls were maths, at which I am most horrible and setting my self higher than sky goal which I failed (but came close) to achieve.
Now, for those of you entering year ten, things will be a hell of a lot easier than they were for me. I was the last tenth grade to sit for the School Certificate where as you lucky children don't have to. But I'm not some adult who finished school thirty years ago, I finished year ten in 2011 so I know what it is like. I know there will be a lot of pressure on your shoulders so I've comprised this blog of my past essays to help you through the tenth grade.
All of my work is of A+ quality so if you use it as a guide line or for notes you should expect the same sort of mark. I'm only uploading English and history essays, as it's all I have (if you're doing musicology email me for work). The only thing I ask you to do is give credit where credit is due by mentioning me or my blog in your bibliography. Everything I upload is copyrighted so you are breaking laws, and yes, teachers can tell the difference in writing.
I hope this really helps you, let me know if it does! The whole point of putting my work online is to help you get through year ten with a little less stress. By December, I guarantee you'll be wondering what all the fuss was about.


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