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Hello everyone,
Here is my first review of a book. I hope you like it.
Please keep in mind this review was written by a fifteen year old with little to no reviewing experience. This is only her opinion on the book and is not that of a professional.

Last year whilst in my local Book Warehouse purchasing the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, I was confronted with the decision of choosing between two different giveaway books on offer with Rodrick Rules. The first was a novel of twisted tales by Paul Jennings and the second, a selection of ten short stories that had to be read, or so the cover claimed, by 11:59pm on the 31st of December 2010. The second book, titled 10 SHORT STORIES YOU MUST READ IN 2010, included the mastermind of Mark Dapin. Needless to say I chose the later.
I read the book quickly, within a week, the writing of most of the authors was very fluid and easy to read. The introduction by Sandra Yates was only short, but it was that was needed. It was engaging, and as a fellow reading lover, identifiable, which was well used to capture the responder's (or reader's, if you like) attention.
It had it's down point, Alex Miller's Manuka had a nice historical link but wad very slow, and lacked a growing climax I felt it needed. Mark Dapin's The Shredding Planner was a great way to end the book and Maggie Alderson's Dress, Medium was another favourite. Sticks, stones by Christos Tsiolkas drew my attention very quickly from the start and held it for the next nine stories.
I believe 10 SHORT STORIES summed up Australia's writing talents very nicely. from Mark Dapin's simplistic smartness to Maggie Alderson's flowing femininity and Nick Earl's coffee shop encounters. I'd chose it over Paul Jennings any day.
  • Maggie Alderson
  • Georgia Blain
  • Mark Dapin
  • Nick Earls
  • Alex Miller
  • Judy Nunn
  • Malla Nunm
  • Crig Silvey
  • Rachael Treasure
  • Christos Tsiolkas
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