Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I Wonder...

The human is one of the greatest scientific wonders. I wonder about all it's idiocy all the time. Sometimes it has good emotions and sometimes bad, both are essential for an artist. But some emotions leave me wondering. Why, why do I even bother?
Of course, you're human, I almost forgot. You can't always be in control, you sometimes humiliate yourself the wonder why you were so stupid. I wonder too. I wonder why you just do things and why you have no answer to your wondering.
But of course, you're human, rules by the emotions! How's that going? Work ethic alright? Are you wondering why you are reading this? Wondering why I told you via YouTube to google this? I don't.
But of course, you're human! It's the human thing to do! Just like swearing, drinking, embarrassment and wondering. You like entertainment, like leadership. But is this entertainment? Art is subjective, but isn't that subjective too?
Hello, I'm a human. I've just done something incredibly embarrassment and am vehemently taking it out on you.

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