Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Yesterday's shoes

I didn't like yesterday. It was icky, boring, yucky, it sucked. My classes were horrible, it rained, my friends had better things to do and I forgot my lunch. But that wasn't the worst of it. My shoes, the shoes who and stood by me through all my misfortunes were splattered by puddles.
And they weren't waterproof.
Yes, mum tried to save them. And yes, I did my best to dry them when it first happened. But some shoes don't always have good days and my shoes' days were over.
I went shopping that afternoon.
Today I wore new shoes. Shoes which were soft tan with little bows and a baby heel which wasn't arkward.
Today I liked. Today was peaceful, exciting, fantastic. I was dilligent in classes, the sun shined and a breeze blew ever so lightly. My friends and I shared our lunches together. I had a caesar salad.
But that wasn't the most enlighting moment of the day. Everyone loved my shoes, the shoes.
And I realized it wasn't a bad day, but bad shoes which had plagued me. My old shoes hadn't stood by me in all my misfortunes. They'd caused them.
Oh well, that was yesterday, and yesterday's shoes.

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