Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Storm of Night

Outside, the rain falls,
It pitters and it patters.
The sky of day was filled with gloom,
But at night it never matters.

Thunder claps, like encore applause,
It echoes, makes me hollow.
Yet I am safe within my bed,
Within the sheets I wallow.

Lightning streaks across the sky,
It's pretty, white and scary.
It causes me to snuggle deeper,
And think of rain soaked fairy.

The tin amps the water's splash,
As drops make their ground.
The storm feels quite personal,
Yet it repeats all around.

A cool breeze blows, my shoulders' cold,
I really should shut the window.
But I'm too comfy in my single bed,
And I don't quite mind the airflow.

Perhaps by morning, the sun will shine,
Or rain will fall so softly.
The storm of night, provoking thoughts,
Replace by sunrise hotly.

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