Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I've never been in love, but this must be how it feels

I love the way you hug me,
And the way you make me smile.
I love the way my heart aches,
When you're gone a little while.
Your eyes are always sparkling,
You say it's 'cause of me.
They never said it felt this way,
The feeling that I'm free.
I never wanted to be bound,
To a person or someone.
I didn't want to be 'their girl',
But now my heart is won.

I'm sorry if it's silly,
If you think I sound plain sad.
I'm sorry for the lonely,
Who can never know what we had.

This is what my friends say,
When they've 'met their one true love'.
This repeats quite often,
Like the heartbeat of a dove.
'I'll never know!' they declare,
Only lovers feel this way!
I don't love a person,
But I feel love everyday.
I love my music, my writing,
Acting on screen and on stage.
And the thing about my love,
It's like turning a page.
My passions won't back stab me,
Or leave me for the fray,
It's like a brand new dawn,
It's brand new everyday.

By Madelyn. C. Lardner, in love with her art

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